Picnic Scan


The task of this project was delivered to us by the clients Club Leaf and Icemobile. These are two separate companies that both focus on global climate change. Club Leaf and Icemobile asked us to come up with a concept that will help customers of the chosen supermarket make better, more sustainable choices. The supermarket that our team chose is Picnic. The target audience we got to work with were working parents with elementary school-aged children. During our interviews, we discovered that our target audience wants to spend more time with their children, but due to working full-time, they have limited time for this. Based on all the research and interviews, our design question became: “How can we reduce food waste in a fun and easy way by involving families?”


Ultimately, we came up with the concept called Picnic Scan: “Give your leftover food a second chance. Scan the products and fight food waste!”. When you have products that are near or past their expiration date and don’t know what to do with them, you can open the Picnic Scan feature in the Picnic app and scan your products. The Picnic Scan will then show what you can still do with the product in a clear list. The app also gives you the option to find different ways to use the product, whether it be through a recipe or an activity or a tip to keep it longer. By scanning the product, you give it a second chance and prevent it from being thrown away.


My roles

For this project, my team members and I did not assign specific roles. We worked together on all steps from debriefing to high fidelity. We only divided a few tasks within the team. I was responsible for recording our design process and planning. Through this project, I learned what it’s like to work in a structured line on a project. I am very happy and proud of the final results!

Learning experience

For this project, I always had the tendency to pursue bigger and bigger ideas and I always wanted to do more. Thanks to this project, I learned how to keep a concept small but still very effective. This way, we could put more thought into each part and pay more attention to detail.

Client: Picnic